I prayed for this

Prayed for 4 times.


I've been struggling for months with finanices, trying to get My own place & my relationship with others. My biggest struggle is me relationship with others for the past year and a half I been either living with family paying rent or both. I've probably got in to arguements with 7 ppl from the past year & half. I've been betrayed & lied to and ppl set out to hurt me. I'm not playing the victim because I after I've let the first few things done wrong to me go, I just explode when these ppl do something else, it's like every year I make a new enemy. Please pray that I receive deliverance from this.

I would also like prayer for my relationship my boyfriend and I were supposed to get married a year ago, but I didn't feel it was right timing he was very sweet to me even tho I was harsh on him now. He's not the same he won't go back to being the gentlemen that he was & we argue everyday all day. There was a few times we went to church and the pastor called us up and told us we have persecution & other pastors prayed for us and told us the same & ppl don't want to see us together. I believe this is true due to the fact countless amount of ppl tell us to leave each other or try to get between us. The only time we were in separatble and no one got between us is when we kept our business to ourselves and god in the middle. Please pray that we get back in to church and build a relationship with god again.

Received: May 1, 2017

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